Al-Azhar University is the oldest Islamic university. Based on its interest in Islamic society, the International Islamic Center was established in December 1975 in cooperation with the United Nations Fund for Population Activities. The International Islamic Center for Population Studies and Research at Al-Azhar University has won the International Prize for Population Awarded by the United Nations for the year 2012, which is dedicated to scientific research centers that prove scientific excellence in recognition of the role and activity of the Center in providing reliable information to religious officials and leaders in Islamic countries. Islamic law

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  • 2018-11-24


    "A Basic & Advanced Clinical and

    Laboratory Training Course in Infertility including ART

    for Developing Countries"


    Cairo - Egypt

         24th – 28th Nov., 2018

    Intended  Participants:


    Fertility and ART specialists from Developing Countries


    Didactic Program Format:

    Lectures, Panels, Questions and Answers, Informal Discussions, One-on-One Conversations


    Practical Training:

    Ultrasound, egg retrieval, embryology laboratory and clinical application supervised by members of Al Azhar University ART Unit Staff



    All aspects of ART in low resource settings, including socioeconomics, policy, program implementation, clinical diagnosis and treatment, imaging, surgery and laboratory procedures


    Post Workshop Hands on Training Program:


    Practical training will be provided for clinicians or embryologists for a period of two weeks or more as REQUESTED.

    Number of trainees will be limited to two persons only at a time.





    Registration Fee:

    Includes attending all Scientific sessions, Practical Training Sessions, Coffee Breaks, Lunch and Workshop Kit


    For the practical training please indicate your preferred dates so that arrangements can be made in advance.  We can only accommodate two candidates for laboratory training and four candidates for clinical training at a time. The fees for the workshop and practical trainings are:


    Workshop  fees (5 days)                          

                Egyptian                    5000  L.E


    Non Egyptian         1000 $ US Dollars


    Practical Hands on/ Two weeks / person Fees


    Egyptian                       6000          L.E


    Non Egyptian               1200           $ US Dollar



    Only those candidates who attend the workshop can book for the Hands on training.



    For registration and enquiries:


    Mobile: + 01066634172

    Tel: 002 02 251 22 749                           Fax: 002 02 2 51 22 749

    iicpsr_azhar2@hotmail.com             Website: www.alazhar-iicpsr.org