Board of Directors

1. Prof. Dr. Osama Mohamed Hassan El-Abd, Rector of Al-Azhar University

2. Prof. Dr. Tawfik Mohamed Nour El-Din , Deputy Rector for Post-graduate Studies and Researches 

3. Prof. Dr. Gamal Aboul Serour, Director of the Center
Former Dean of Faculty of Medicine (Boys), Al-Azhar University,

Clinical Director, The Egyptian IVF&ET Center, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt

FIGO Past President

4. Dean of Faculty of Shariaa and Law- Cairo, Al-Azhar University
5. Dean of Faculty of Education (Boys), Al-Azhar University
6. Chairman of Obstetrics & Gynecology Departments, Faculty of Medicine (Boys), Al-Azhar University
7. Chairman of  Public Health Department, Faculty of Medicine (Boys), Al-Azhar University
8. Chairman of  Fiqh Department Faculty of  Shari'a and Law , Cairo, Al-Azhar University
9. Secretary General of Al-Azhar University
10. Mr. Mohamed Bekheet , Secretary Treasurer of the Center

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